Top Garden Tools in 2020

Thank you for visiting our website! Our family have been doing property management and communal area maintenance for more than 15 years and we have gained huge experience within this sector. We have been looking after holiday homes for foreign investors. Our high level of services have been proven on many occasions. Our clients are mainly British holiday home owners in the town of Bansko, Bulgaria.

We have been using Bosch Rotak to the the absolute maximum! Definately check it out and look no further

In order to achieve the golf course level of green in your communal areas, you need high end fertilizers

Throughout the year, we have been using different fertilizers in order to achieve the best green effect in our communal areas. Fertilizers are vital to establish a good base that withstand the time and weather. We are highly recommending using this one:

Plain Toe Knee Boots are coming in handy when the things get dirty

Well, you need it to survive !

We are preparing more information for you to look at in the coming posts !