Apartment Management Software

DFamily Property management has the best property management software available on the market. The platform was specifically build for the property management buisness back in 2006. It is an automatic web based system which allow property owners to check on their property’s status and financial balance live from any point in the world. But it is so much more : Online high effective ERP system that includes: Customer database with detailed information about client, stays, used discounts, special clients, black lists; Office accounting – local offices and global company accounting, profits, expenses. Invoice module; Managed buildings and apartments database – full aparment management including costs for cleaning, electricity, repairs, internet, cable tv, appliances, apartment status. Online ability for owners to check the details of the aparments – profit, expenses and reservations; Reservations – calendar of past, current and future reservations. Transfers – automatically generation of customer transfer list, vehicle status and management; Reception desk – rooms, reservations, accomodation, departure, client lists, rooming lists, cleaning, paid services, room service, address cars, invoices, Access control and security – EBPW developed a dedicated hardware for accomodation management and security with RFID (wireless) cards. All room enterings (during the accomodation, cleaning, repairs and other) are monitored and and managed by the system. Any unauthorized access are reported to the security and logged by the system. The HMS system greatly improves the security of the customer and stops unreported accomodations by hotel personal. In general the consists of four main modules:
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You can check your property financial balance online 24/7

– Central System – is a platform for the property manager. This is the main apartments balance module. The property manager are responsible to keep track on all expenses and incomes that each apartment generated and update the system accordingly. It is obligatory to upload a receipt against each payment that has been made.

– Owners Portal – is part of the platform which allows each owner to check on their property in Bansko online. By logging in the system each owners can see their apartments financial balance. That includes incomes and expenses with receipts being uploaded as well. Also there is a live calendar which allows the owners to check when their apartment has been booked. Also they can book their apartment via the system or directly by contacting their respective property manager.

– Reservations module – is platform which allows tour-operators and third party partners to book an apartment in a certain complex. This part of the system is very efficient for properties which are rented in the winter season. The reservation is automatically added to the financial balance of the apartment being booked.

– Reception Desk – is part of the platform which allows the receptionist in the complex to be up to date in case there is a check in that has been registered. Also the receptionist is obligated to check out apartments which reservation has ended. It also allows reception desk to make reservation in case there are people interested in renting an apartment at the same day .

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We combined all this in to the best platform that is out there. It provides a complete transparency of all actions and property services provided.