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DFamily Property Management Ltd. is one of the first property management companies to operate in Bansko. It is a small family company created by Magdalena and Nic Dzhibin who gained huge experience in the real estate. Nic and Magi are the pioneers in property management. They were involved in the initial management and maintenance of some of the biggest residential buildings in Bansko we are around since the very beginning. Back in the year 2000, there was a huge interest in the property market in Bansko. Bansko was the most attractive destination for foreign investors. Hundreds of people were investing in real estate. Buying holiday apartments and villas in Bulgaria. The same people required a good after sale service. They requested someone with great technical skills and good communication to look after their properties in Bansko. Property owners in Bansko requested someone responsible to look after their investment. This is how we were involved in property management.

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In 2001 everyone knew Uncle Nic who was showing properties to foreign investors visiting the newly build ski resort of Bansko. With his great technical knowledge Nic was appointed as a Construction Quality Assurance during the development of many complexes in Bansko. Appointed as a headmistress in a local school Magi has shown her leading skills a while ago. She left public sector in order to establish one of the first property management companies back in 2004. She lead the company to a great success including the management of 8 complexes in Bansko for that period. In 2009 Nic and Magi established their own family company called DFamily Property Management Ltd. Soon afterwards they were appointed as a construction quality assurance for Belvedere Holiday Club and Redenka Holiday Club. Nic and Magi were the people organizing the initial management of those complexes. Both complexes are now fully operational and attracting thousands of tourists all year around. At the moment DFamily Property Management is a highly respected property management company operating 3 complexes in Bansko and many individual properties located in the area. We provide full a high quality property management and complex maintenance. Our company is lead by two key factors Discipline and Control! We believe that everything could be achieved via Discipline and Control Nic and Magi Dzhibin

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