Bansko Property Management Services

We offer a full range of property management services ensuring you peace of mind when absent from your property. Our main service is “Management and Maintenance“. The services included in this package are:

  • PROPERTYMANAGEMENTSERVICESInspection and production of a snagging list. If necessary we have to supervise any repairs or improvements and providing status reports.
  • Assistance with the preparation and completion of all related documentation. Regular property inspections, property maintenance and organization of cleaning, washing, ventilation and repairs as required.
  • Regular communication in case of any important issues related to the apartment and the production of payment documents to justify any relevant expenses.
  • Organization of book-keeping and storage of all received invoices, payment receipts and other documents from third-parties, agents, local authorities, tax administration bodies, etc.
  • Organization of payment of all expenses related to the property to third-party suppliers, including expenses for power and water supply, cable TV, Internet, repairs and reconditioning, etc.Complete assistance with all categorization documents, licenses and similar papers required for the short-term or long-term rent of the property.
  • Organization and full assistance with the filing and submission to the tax office of annual tax statements, together with payment of due taxes by the apartment owner against the income generated from renting the property.
  • Full assistance for the issuance of Certificate for Paid Tax by a foreign individual, according the order of art. 58 of the Taxation of Individuals Act, in case one is required.
  • Organization and full assistance with the payment of the annual local tax and waste collection charges for the property.Formal representation on behalf of the apartment owner, protection of his rights and execution of his will before any and all third-party service providers, agents, local authorities, tax administration bodies, tenants/tourists,etc

Annual tax of 350 Euro VAT included. 

Management Only

914x374-property-managementWe have combined few services into one that offers protection of your investment and most importantly increase the value of your property. As a secondary service we offer “Management Only” or “Key Holding”

Owners who are not willing to rent out their property are welcome to take advantage of our Management Only service.
We will look after and keep your property in good order upon your request. This also includes key handling, full organisation of paperwork, permanent communication with the property owner at all time, visiting of the property upon owners request to make sure that everything is fine, representation of the property owner before third party service providers (inclusive electricity and water supply companies, electronic security companies, etc.). Our team will also pay the utility bills and annual local tax on your behalf. If any repairs are needed we can arrange for a qualified technical person to visit the place and fix the problem.
Please note that the annual charge does not include the cost of the bills or services provided.

Annual tax of 250 Euros VAT included.

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