Property Management in Bansko.

We are DFamily Property Management Ltd offering full complex maintenance and Property Management in Bansko.

DFamily Property Management Ltd. is one of the leading agencies providing full property management in Bansko. We have gained huge experience for the last 10 years and we are able to successfully apply it in our practice. We have started back in 2004 as the first property management company in Bansko at that time. It has all begun 10 years ago when we were asked by foreign investors to look after their properties in Bansko. For the next years we have put all our efforts in our property management services in order to develop high reputation among all our property owners in Bansko. Read more about us.

Property Management in Bansko.

With our happy customers in Bansko

We provide high quality Property Management in Bansko. Through the years we have managed all types of properties starting from individual apartments through five stars facilities and complexes to rural villas. We completely understand our client’s requirements and we are always ready to provide you with a very high level of service.  We have realized that a good customer service is the best policy one company can have. Our clients are more than just a customers to us, we are in constant communication with them. Improving our communication with the clients is one of our main goals.

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Our team has gained huge experience in the complex and property management in Bansko. Our team consist of local professionals applying the know-how that we gained on the property market in Bansko. We are able to provide you with the best workaround of any issue that can occur with your property.  We appreciate the seriousness of looking after your property, and realise the full responsability that this entails. You can rest assured that you are in good hands and that your investment is kept in great condition.

We are looking after your property as our own. DFamily Property Management Ltd. offers a comprehensive service to owners giving you peace of mind when absent from your property. We offer all services related to Property Management in Bansko.
It includes everything that is needed to maintain and to rent out your property, from key handling, paying the utility bills and annual local tax, advertising and placing tenants for short or long term rental, communication with other intermediates (ie tour operators and travel agents) to assisting the tenant/tourist fully during their stay.We are constantly in touch with the property owners, ensuring that they are kept informed about reservations, expenses, incomes, etc. and any important circumstances that relates to their property. Providing full Property Management in Bansko.

Furthermore, we can make your property work for you and pay back its investment. We can provide short and long term rental opportunities that will bring obvious annual returns. We are proud of what we do, and if you wish to become one of our clients, please contact us giving us as much information as possible on your property.

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